Upcoming Updates

March 31st, 2018

This update is not the last one. There are a plethora of features I left out to get the updates out sooner rather than later. Here are some of the updates you can look forward to happening in the near future.

Case study update

  • Have the case studies link to a page with more images and a description about the project.
  • Have a case studies page with additional case studies in it

Talks update

  • A section dedicated for talks that I gave or want to give with links to the slides and code
  • Links to the appropriate talk will be added to my about page
  • I will also add a downloadable reusme to my about page

Personal projects update

  • A section dedicated to my own open source projects

Social update

  • Blog tags and search support
  • Share icons
  • Patreon

Management update

  • Will have a dedicated email for this site instead of using my company email
  • I Will have the ability to log in to add content
  • Users can register and subscribe to topics and favorite post
Last updated on March 31st, 2018