Robert Parker at the portland japanese gardens


I grew up in playing the Nintendo classics such as Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda Zelda and Metroid. I always had an interest in programming but I was unable to explore the world of programming while in foster care. Once I turned 18, I moved out, and I quickly picked up programming. I got an associate degree in web design and development from Clark Community College. I have been working as a web developer ever since then.

When I am not programing I am dancing at the local salsa clubs, practicing the piano or reading up on the latest in science, mathematics or programming. I still play the Nintendo franchise games as well as Minecraft, Dark Souls and Monster Hunter.

My Approach

I build websites with an agile approach and keep almost all communication in basecamp. There is very little overhead so your money goes towards developing features, not documentation about features that will be buggy or over budget.

Communication is key. You will be informed on what I am working on at all times. We will work on prioritizing the requested features together. After the feature is built you will be asked to review it.

Websites are not designed in photoshop like other companies. Instead I create a style guide and one page mockup. Then I will start building the website based on that. This keeps branding consistent throughout the site and the style guide could be used by designers for future projects.

I stand by my products by offering free bug fixes after launch. At that time I will offer you maintenance or retainer contracts to keep your site up to snuff with your competition and help you grow your business online.

How Can I help?